Take Your Meal Prep To The Next Level

Friday | January 27, 2017

By Richard Harrison, iGenFIT

meal prepOver the last several years, meal prep has become a popular fitness phrase. From fitness buffs to common family households. It has become a way for people to save time and money during their busy weeks by prepping all of their meals ahead of time. While there are tons of topics that can be covered on meal prepping, I want to start at the very beginning.

Choosing the right meal prep containers can make prepping more organized, cheaper, and efficient – not to mention that it can help you prepare proper portions for the week. This post will cover:

  • What types of containers are used and which work best
  • Pricing and where to purchase containers
  • How to take prepping to the next level


Container Types

Meal prep containers, typically used by new preppers vary in price and efficiency. Many new preppers start out with the basic containers and zip lock bags. While these work just fine, they can also get pricey over time having to constantly purchase new containers.

Brands like Rubbermaid, Glad, and Pyrex all make great storage containers. They range from soft plastic, to hard plastic, to glassware. Most of them are air- and water-tight. Although these containers are easy to come by and generally a household item, they lack efficiency.

These containers are usually single compartment storage containers that can cause the food and their separate juices to run together. Our household hates when food flavors mix, especially when the steamed spinach juice runs into our meats or carbs.

The only way to prevent this mixing is to store each food in smaller separate containers. Unfortunately, this tends to get pricey and leads to a cluttered overfilled cabinet of storage containers.

The better choice for storage containers are compartmentalized plastic-ware. There has been an increase in the number of companies coming out with storage containers specifically for meal prepping.

Meal Prep Haven 3, California Home Goods, and Isolator Fitness are three of the brands that are easily found in stores like Walmart, Target, and various chain grocery stores. Isolator Fitness has taken meal prepping to the next level, including compartmentalized lunch bags made for fitness enthusiasts.

The benefits of containers like this, is that they each can be bought to have varying numbers of compartments, they are all air- and water-tight, easily stack within each other so they occupy less room, and they are relatively cheap to purchase in bulk. Isolator Fitness containers are a little pricier, but they are specifically made to fit within their lunch bags. If you buy their 6-meal bag, you can fit any of the brands containers within it.  You can check out their gear here.  You may be able to find better prices on Amazon here. 


Pricing and Purchase

The typical storage containers found in big box stores will range in price depending upon the number of containers, size, material, and brand. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2 and $40 per container. Many of the container sets on average cost around $20. But again, these containers tend to occupy a lot of storage space in the kitchen and make prepping much more time-consuming.

The average price for the compartmentalized containers specifically made for meal prepping cost on average $18 for a set of 10-15. Thats an entire weeks worth of meals for one person if you eat 3 meals a day, since weekends are generally cheat meals and meal prepping days.

The best part about these containers is that you can easily store the entire set for a family of 4 within a cubic foot area. They also save you time prepping since you don’t have to think about which size containers will work best for each food or meal. Just put split each meal into its separate compartments and go. They are also priced by storage size so they help you control your portions for each food group within the meal.


 Taking It To The Next Level

Fitness and health has become a trend in recent years, so companies have figured out many ways to target the fitness enthusiasts with their products, providing them ways to make living a healthy life simpler, and less time-consuming.

Products like the IsoBag, Blender Bottles, apparel, supplements, and even food products. We just tried a pasta sample specifically made to deliver 20g. of protein with 0 carbs. There is something out there for just about everything you can think of.

We own many of these products and highly recommend them. Each one has made leading a healthier lifestyle simpler and saved us an enormous amount of time during the week.

Next Friday we will be discussing how to prepare a personalized meal plan for the week based on your training schedule. We’ll go over portion sizes for each group, and show you how two of our recipes fit into your plan.

Check back in tomorrow for our post on:

Stretching: How to stretch and when the different types of stretching should be performed.

Meal Prep 101: Choosing Meal Prep Containers was originally published on iGenFIT


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