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Our Philosophy

Our approach to health and fitness is above all else, be authentic, reliable, and benevolent.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there is information overload everywhere you turn. It’s hard to know what is true and what is false. We’ve made it our mission to provide our readers and clients the most authentic, reliable, and benevolent information and programs in the health and fitness industry.

Our goal is to reach the widest audience possible with affordable programming that will not only transform your physique, but illuminate a pathway to leading an inspiring and independent lifestyle.


Our Story

The Founders

iGenFIT was founded by a Millenial couple. Wrongly labeled as a group of lazy, self-absorbed, and tech-dependent generation, they stood to inherit a distressed national economy, employment market, media industry, and obesity epidemic.

Engaged and first-time-homeowners, Rick Harrison and Jenn Bernard (the future Mrs. Harrison) worked opposite shifts in different fields. They both shared a passion for healthy living, but worked on opposite shifts in different industries. They spent what little time they had with each other during the week pursuing their second loves, fitness.

While each was more knowledgeable in fitness or nutrition, they helped each improve the others weakness. Every day they shared their years of research in fitness and nutrition with each other, to help each other achieve their physical and mental goals. Eventually they began designing fitness programs and nutrition plans for each other to meet their goals.

Friends and family began asking them for help with meeting their own goals. Gladly sharing the knowledge with them, they received referrals outside of their family and friends. While they were glad to share their plans, they encountered the obstacle of motivation. Many people they encountered were happy to take the plans, but were not seeing results because of a lack in motivation to follow through with the plans.

Enter iGenFIT

The company was founded on the principles of independence, internal motivation, and a love for self-help. Its mission is to inspire these principles in the lives of everyone it touches, and it believes that in a tough economy, any money well-spent should be investing in yourself, your future, and your children’s future. Only through widespread proficiency in health and nutrition can great change impact the future generations.

At iGenFIT, we won’t stop until everyone has the opportunity to possess and disseminate the knowledge for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Meet the Team

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Rick Harrison III

Founder & Program Designer

Combining his background in athletics, education, and personal training, Rick has created a unique program suite to provide clients with independence and a lifetime of health. Designing a healthy lifestyle and achieving goals consistently, has never been easier with his step-by-step programs.

Jenn profile pic

Jenn Harrison

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Programmer

With her background in the medical field and nutrition, Jenn creates nutrition programs and recipes that are out of this world. Her programs are simple, quick, and target Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Building, and Strength. You’ll never know her recipes were healthy for you.

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