Our Lifestyle Programs are scheduled to be released by mid-February.

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Explorer Program Cover

Lifestyle Explorer Program

Mindset Introduction

Fundamental Exercises

Introductory Nutrition Plan

Lifestyle Explorer is step 1 in the Lifestyle Programming suite. In this step you will be learning the fundamental exercises, techniques, and nutrition to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. You can choose to Shred Fat, Build Muscle, or Build Strength. The program is designed to evolve with you, so it will never get too easy. If you’re looking to get a jump-start on your goals, this program is for you.

Coming Soon

Conqueror Program Cover

Lifestyle Conquerer Program

Mindset Mastery

Complex Exercise Regimens

Advanced Nutrition Plans

Lifestyle Conqueror is step 2 in the Lifestyle Programming suite. In this step you will be learning to master more complex exercises, techniques, and nutrition strategies. This program is meant for more experienced lifters and fitness enthusiasts. This program will never outgrow you, so if you’re looking for best value, this is it.

Coming Soon

Influencer Program Cover

Lifestyle Influencer Program**

Become the Master

Spread the Knowledge

Influence the Generations

The Lifestyle Influencer Program is the final step, step 3, in the Lifestyle Training suite. In this step you become the master of your lifestyle. After completing this program, you’ll have the mindset and knowledge to be able to design complete training and nutrition programs to fit your own lifestyle. You’ll never need to pay for another program or trainer again. Feel the power, feel the freedom.

Coming Soon

This program, and any other program created by iGenFIT, has been designed by a personal trainer. It is not a certification program, nor is it intended to provide you the knowledge to design programming of any kind for others’ use. It is intended solely for personal use. We are not liable for any injury a paying client may cause others by prescribing our programming and information to others. 


In Development

We are currently working on expanding our programs to include a Nutrition Bundle, Personal Training Bundle, and Analysis Bundle as well as several challenges throughout the year. Each of these programs will be released this year. There will be more information posted on our newsletter “Your Life In Style,” so subscribe in the side menu to stay up-to-date!

Let Us Know How We’re Doing

We’re always looking for ways to improve our programs and customer service. If you’ve purchased a program or used our FREE programs, please drop us a line or two in an email to let us know what you thought. Reviews and/or testimonials are also welcomed!

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